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Discover: Substance Abuse & Prevention

One of our goals at the Hood River County Prevention Department is to protect our community from the consequences of substance misuse and abuse.

Substance Use, Misuse, Abuse & Addiction *
Uso, mal uso, abuso y adicción de sustancias *

What is Substance Use? 

Someone takes in alcohol or other drugs without having any harmful results.

i.e. an adult (older than 21) drinking one or two beers responsibly

What is Substance Misuse?

Someone uses alcohol or other drugs and has harmful results or uses substances illegally 

i.e. a minor drinking any alcohol or using marijuana, an adult getting a hangover after drinking, anyone using illegal drugs like heroin

What is Substance Abuse?

Someone  keeps on using alcohol or other drugs even when the results are harmful

i.e. an adult is using prescription drugs more than they are supposed to and experiences withdrawals when they run out of pills, but they continue to over-use the prescription drugs

What is Substance Addiction?

Someone uses alcohol or other drugs uncontrollably in spite of harmful results.

i.e. an adult is not willing or able to stop smoking marijuana even after getting a DUII for driving while high

¿Qué es el consumo de sustancias?

¿Qué es el abuso de sustancias?

¿Qué es el abuso de sustancias?

¿Qué es la adicción a sustancias?

* Source: Hogan J, Gabrielsen KR, Luna N, Grothaus D. Substance Abuse Prevention: The Intersection of Science and Practice. 2003. Pearson Education, Inc.

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Smoking, Tobacco & Vaping

Tabaquismo, Tabaco y Vapeo

Other Drugs

Otras Drogas

What is Prevention?

We want to keep our whole community safe and protect anyone from a dangerous addiction to alcohol or other drugs. We support responsible substance use by people older than 21. The Prevention Department also wants to teach our community about how substance use can affect our bodies and health so people can make informed decisions about using alcohol or other drugs. We want to encourage everyone to not use nicotine or tobacco and teach about the way they harm our bodies and environment.

¿Qué es la Prevención?

Queremos mantener segura a toda nuestra comunidad y proteger a cualquier persona de una peligrosa adicción al alcohol u otras drogas. Apoyamos el uso responsable de sustancias por parte de personas mayores de 21 años. El Departamento de Prevención también quiere enseñar a nuestra comunidad cómo el uso de sustancias puede afectar nuestros cuerpos y nuestra salud para que las personas puedan tomar decisiones informadas sobre el consumo de alcohol u otras drogas. Queremos alentar a todos a no usar nicotina o tabaco y enseñar sobre la forma en que dañan nuestros cuerpos y el medio ambiente.

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