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Marijuana [1-3]

In Oregon, it is illegal for anyone under 21 years old to buy or use marijuana.

Marijuana is grown from the cannabis plant and contains different chemical compounds.


Some are psychoactive (like THC) which means they change the way the brain thinks and works.

Some are not psychoactive (like cannabidiol/CBD).

It is possible to become addicted to marijuana.


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Marijuana can be used in many ways and forms.

Marijuana can be smoked like a cigarette (joint) or cigar (blunt) or in a water pipe (bong).

Marijuana can be cooked into food or made into tea (edibles).


Another way to use marijuana is by smoking extracts of the plant. This is called dabbing.

Some of the extracts that people smoke are called hash/honey oil, wax/budder, and shatter.

Marijuana extracts used for dabbing have high levels of THC and can be very dangerous.


Health Effects of Marijuana [1-3]


Marijuana can cause many different health effects.

Smoking marijuana releases toxic chemicals that can lead to lung and heart disease or cancer.


Edibles can be taken in higher doses than smoked marijuana, which can cause anxiety, delusions, and paranoiaUsing marijuana in any form changes the brain and affects sense of time, reactions and body movement, mood, and memory.


The chemicals in marijuana might help with pain and other symptoms.

Still, there is not enough research to prove that marijuana is medically useful.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not recognize or approve marijuana as medicine.


K2/Spice is human-made and affects the brain in the same way as marijuana.

It can be very dangerous because K2/Spice has a stronger effect on the brain than marijuana.

K2/Spice is unpredictable and can cause brain swelling, paranoia, seizures, and more.  


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