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Why Does Data Matter?

Data and statistics are important guides for our work at the Prevention Department. Most of the data we use comes from state-level surveys or local surveys made by our department. There are links below to the data from the three main surveys we use. We use the information that is collected to learn what issues need the most attention. We also track trends in substance use over time to see if our work is effective and if new problems are emerging.

Tobacco Retail Assessment from Smokefree Oregon

In 2018, Smokefree Oregon created a report looking at how the tobacco industry advertises and works in Hood River County. This report - the 2018 Tobacco Retail Assessment, raises awareness about the tobacco industry's activity in Hood River County. The findings are clear: the tobacco industry targets specific groups of people in Oregon, especially youth, communities of color and people living with lower incomes. We hope that sharing this report with our community will raise awareness.

Click the photo to read the full report.

Student Wellness Survey & Oregon Healthy Teen Survey

The Oregon Healthy Teen and Student Wellness Surveys are surveys given to 6th, 8th, and 11th grade students by the school district. The purpose of the surveys is to ask what students think about their lives. For example, there are questions about school environment, home life, substance use, and mental health. We use the results of these surveys to guide our programming.

Hood River County School District Parent Survey

From August to October in 2017, 2018, and 2019 the Prevention Department visited the Hood River County elementary and middle schools as well as the high school to ask parents what they think about student needs, concerns, and substance use. The results of those surveys are summarized in the reports linked here.

2018 Results

2017 Results

2019 Results

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